TEFC and Explosion Proof (XP) Motors

No matter what type of mobile remediation you’re performing, you can’t risk an explosion. That’s why you need TEFC (totally enclose fan-cooled) motors and other types of explosion-proof motors to ensure that your mobile remediation job goes off without a hitch. Find exactly what you need in explosion protection below.

New/Surplus TEFC – XP Electric Motors

M001     Marathon     1 hp, 1ph, 115/208-230 volt, 11.2/5,7/5.6 amp, C-face rigid, 3450 rpm, #56C34F5303, D313 TEFC (Quantity 1)

M002    Marathon     1.5 hp, 1ph, 115/208-230 volt, 14.2/7.7/7.1 amp, C-face rigid, 3450 rpm, #56C34F5326, D314 TEFC (Quantity 2)

M003    Marathon     7.5-10 hp , 3ph, 208-230/460 volt, 28-26/13 amp, 215 T Frame, 1755/1465 rpm, #215TTFW4026, E956, inverter duty, TEFC (Quantity 2)

M004    Marathon     10-15 hp, 3ph, 208-230/460 volt, 28-26/13 amp, 254 T Frame. 1750/1965 rpm, #254TTFL4026, E996, inverter duty, TEFC (Quantity 2)

Moo5     Marathon     3-5 hp, 3ph, 208-230/460 volt, 13.8-13/6.5 amp, 184 T Frame, 1750/1460 rpm, #184TTFR4026, E954, shaft 1.1/8″, TEFC (Quantity 5)

M006     Marathon    1/3-1/4 hp, 3ph, 208-230/460 volt, 1.5-1.6/.8 amp, C-face rigid, 1725/1425 rpm, #56T17T5305, G580, TENV (Quantity 2)

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