(SVE/SPARGE-66) TRAILER, SVE/AIRSPARGE (#AES-129) *** $27,500.00 ***

Trailer 129 SVE/Sparge

Trailer – Stream Line 14 X 8 X 7 tandem 3,500lb axles 2 516” ball 5 lug

Disconnect – SqD 230V 3ph 100A fused front mounted

Control Panel – front mounted with dead front controls

Control – relay logic


Vacuum Blower – Ametek model EN858BD72WL 10HP 230V 3ph 24FLA

3” exhaust with temperature and flow gauges

4” vacuum line with 2-4” bypass ports with Parker gate valves

K/O Tank – Maple Leaf 60 gallon steel with site glass and level switches

Manifold 4” to 8-2” points with gate valves, vacuum gauges and sample ports

8-MLE V Flow series flow meters

 Air Sparge

Sparge Compressor – Becker 3.60 5HP 230V 3ph 12.7FLA

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial model ACA-3182-3-EXP

7-position manifold flow rate meters, ball valves, solenoids and pressure gauges ½” out

XP exhaust fan

XP lighting

E-stop in trailer

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