Trailer 41F  SVE/Sparge

Trailer – GT Express 20 X 8 X 8 tandem 3,500lb axles 5 lug 2 5/16” ball

Main Disconnect – SqD 100a fused 230V 3ph unit

Control – EOS Pro Controls PLC


Vacuum Blower – Ametek modelEN858BD72WL 10HP 3ph 230/460V 12/24fla 100” h2o vacuum max. with 4” exhaust into 21x 10 silencer, temperature gauge, pressure gauge and 0-4” magnehelic to measure flow

5- 2” SVE inlets into 4” square manifold with individual site glasses, ball valves, 0-100” Magnehelics and sample ports. 0-100” Magnehelic and Dwyer 1950 Differential pressure switch on 4” inlet into A/W separator tank

A/W separator tank – 60 gallon aluminum with site glass and level switch array

Transfer Pump – Myers CT-05 1.5hp 230/460v 4.4/2.2fla

Bag Filter – aluminum  model GP802AL2 100psi max

Master Meter GPM meter with 53 gallons registered

Carbon Vessel missing 1” out


Sparge Pump – Busch Mink MM1104AP 5hp 3ph 230/460v 12/6.48fla with 1 1/2” line into heat ex. With 0-4”h2o magnehelic on exhaust. United Electric model B12I-120 temperature switch, pressure and temperature gauges on 1 ½” line to manifold

Manifold –  2- 2” square manifolds both solenoid controlled

Manifold 1 – 9 position with Dwyer 0-13scfm flow rate meters, ball and gate valves

Manifold 2 – 5  position with Dwyer 0-13scfm flow rate meters, ball and gate valves

Exhaust Fan – Dayton 18” model 43C70F 1/4hp 115/230? 1ph 3.9/2.0fla

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