Our MMPE Treatment events utilize traditional multi-phase extraction techniques combined with full treatments trains for extracted fluids. Recovered fluids are treated using various treatment options for proper environmental cleanup.  Our systems offer oil water separation, air-stripping, sediment filtration, iron filtration, and carbon polishing. Our MMPE Treatment systems utilize oil-sealed, water-sealed and/or claw pumps to extract multiple phases of contaminants then, transfer fluids into the appropriate treatment trains for complete site remediation.  Fluids are then treated to required levels then discharged per permit requirements.

Utilizing the treatment recovery systems allows for events to be conducted without the need for storage, transport, or disposal. Our treatment recovery systems range from 130 to 300 CFM.  Each system is equipped with wireless telemetry, ensuring minimal to no down time in the rare event of a system alarm during site remediation.  We have performed more mobile remediation events than any other provider in the Mid-Atlantic region.SONY DSC

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