(SVE/SPARGE-45) TRAILER, SVE/AIRSPARGE- SVE max 615 SCFM @ max 112 “H2O, AS (#AES-0F). *** $ 27,500 ***

Trailer 0F SVE/Sparge

Trailer – Unitd Express 16 X 8 X 8 tandem 3,500lb axles 5 Lug 2 5/16” ball

Sq D 200A fusible Disconnect mounted on front

Control Panel – UL listed front mount with dead front controls

Control – relay logic


7 – 2” SVE inputs with vacuum gauges, sample ports and ball valves

Vacuum Blower – Ametek model EN909BG72WL 15HP 230V 3ph 44FLA

Flow rate: max 615 SCFM @ max 112 “H2O

100”h2omax. With sample port and vacuum gauge

Exhaust Filter – Soleberg FS230P-300 3”

Parke PVC 4” manual gate valve with temp gauge

0 – 600CFM Magnehelic Flow Meter on 4” inlet

Inline filter to A/W seperator tank Maple Leaf 60 gallon withL500 series level switch array

A/W separator Transfer Pump – Gould NPE 3/4HP 230V 1ph 4.4FLA

Bag Filter Housing – Maple Leaf model CW 180 SE with pre and post pressure gauges


2 – 2” sparge points

Sparge Compressor missing specs

Mercoid A1 series low pressure switch

2 – 2” ASCO solenoids, United Electric B54-103 Temperature switch

(trailer 0F cont.)

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial 30” 33/4HP 230V3ph 3FLA

XP lighting

E-Stop in trailer

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