(SVE/SPARGE-30) TRAILER, SVE/AIRSPARGE (#AES-25F) *** $ 28,500.00 ***

Trailer 25F SVE/Sparge

Trailer – 16 X 8 X 8 tandem 3,500lb axles 5 lug 2 5/16” ball

Disconnect – SQ D 240V 200A 3ph

Control Panel – Front Mounted with dead front controls


Vacuum Blower – Gardner Denver GAFLDRA 25HP 230V 3ph 68FLA

1 – 6” SVE in with 6” strainer

A/W separator Tank – 200 gallon with level switch array and site glass

Silencers- 14” X 4.5’ on inlet and exhaust of blower

6” piping with Proco model 240-AV shock mount couplings

Knuckle Valve on vacuum input of blower

6” exhaust off silencer with 0-100 h20 flow meter and temperature gauge on exhaust

A/W Separator Transfer Pump – Gould NPE 1 1/2HP 230V 3ph 4.5FLA

Bag Filter Housing – model GP802 AL2 aluminum with output pressure gauge

GPM Meter – Master Meter (42,597 gal.)


Sparge Pump – Gardner Denver DLR 400 25HP 230V 3ph 62FLA

0-15 psi pressure magnehelic on filter exhaust

3” out into silencer thru check valve with temperature Gauge

Heat Exchanger – American Industriad ACA 6302-3 1HP 230V 3.4FLA

Dwyer 1950P differential pressure switch on 1-3” output

Trailer 25F (cont.)

XP lighting and switches

Emergency Stop in trailer

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