(SVE/2) TRAILER (AES#012F)(380 CFM/24″hg) *** SOLD *** *** SOLD ***

*** SOLD ***

SVE – Trailer 12F

SVE Pump – Dekker DVO450B-KA1


30HP 230V 3ph 74FLA

  • Reliable heavy duty design, built to rigid standards
  • Shaft sleeves are standard, virtually eliminating the possibility of shaft wear
  • Available in different materials to suit your application
  • Standard sealing is packed gland. Stainless steel material available along with Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and Ductile Iron
  • Heavy duty bearings mounted external to the pumping chamber eliminating potential bearing failure due to process contamination
  • Low operating speeds ensure an extended life cycle
  • The pump can handle large amounts of condensable vapors which enhances the performance significantly
  • No metal-to-metal contact, only one moving part
  • The pumps can handle carry-over of liquids and/or soft solids without causing damage to the internal parts
  • Design allows operation with various seal fluids
  • Low operating noise levels are in the 75-85 dBA range
  • Inlet manifold and discharge separator are optional equipment and must be purchased separately
  • High efficiency rotor with a 20 blade design
  • Housing standard design with mid-plate. Both suction sides can be operated at different vacuum services.
  • Material and shaft seal options available dependent upon application requirements
  • Removable bearing brackets

Trailer – Interstate 16 X 8 X 6.5 tandem axle 5 lug 2 5/16” ball

Disconnect – Sq D 150A 230V 3ph fused

Control Panel – front mounted with dead front controls

Control – Relay Logic

Discharge Pump – Moyno model 35601 10gpm @ 100tdh

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial ACA6301-3EXP 1HP 230V 3ph 3.8FLA

Exhaust Fan – Canarm XP

Dwyer 1823 Differential Pressure Switches

Maple Leaf VLW series vapor/liquid separator tank VLW-140 gallon

Level Switches – Innovative Solutions L312 series in site glass

2- Maple Leaf model 88 liquid bag filter housings

*** SOLD ***

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