Trailer 15F SVE/Sparge

Trailer – Continental Cargo 14 X 8 X 6.5 tandem 3,500lb axles 5 lug       2 5/16” ball

Disconnect – SqD 230V 3ph 200A with 150A fuses front mounted

Breaker Panel – Front mounted

Control Panel – Front mounted with dead front controls

Control – EOS Research Pro Controls PLC

                                                 SVE 10 points

Vacuum Blower – Ametek model EN909BG72L 20HP 230V 3ph 48FLA

Exhaust – 4” with silencer temp and pressure gauges

Inlet Filter – Soleberg

2-4” bypass valves to 4” outlets

AWS Tank – 140 gallon vessel with site glass and 3 position level switch array

Transfer Pump – Myers CT-05 1HP 230V 3ph 2.8FLA

Bag Filter – Micron Technologies model H504GP300AL

Differential Pressure Switch – Dwyer 1950

Manifold – 4” to 10-2” outlets with gate valves and Minihelic 2 vacuum gauges 0-100”wc

                                             Air Sparge – 10 points

Sparge Pump – Gardner Denver DLR-100

Heat Exchanger – ACA-3242-3

Temp. Switch – Barksdale model ML1H-2H204S

Flow Rate Meters – 10-Dwyer 0-13scfm with pressure gauges and gate valves

3- XP exhaust fans

Crouse Hinds XP lighting Fixtures

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