(SVE/SPARGE-56) TRAILER, SVE/AIRSPARGE – SVE Max Flow 953 CFM, Max Vac. 14″hg, AS 68.3scfm and 21.8 psi (#AES-88). *** $27,500.00 ***

Trailer 88 SVE/Sparge

Trailer – Interstate 12 X 8 X 7 tandem 3,500lb axles 5 lug 2 5/16” ball

Disconnect – SqD 230V 3ph 200A with 125A fuses front mounted

Control Transformer – Heavy Duty 3KVA 230V pri. 120V sec.

Control Panel – Front mounted with dead front controls

AVG EZ series key pad control in dead front

Control – Direct Logic 06 PLC with expansion modules

                                             SVE 8-2” points

Vacuum Pump – Gardner Denver Sutorbilt model 5LP-LHC rotary lobe 20HP 230V 3ph 50FLA

Max Flow 953 CFM, Max Vac. 14″hg

Inlet Filter – Soleberg In Line 4” model FNPT-520acfm

Kunkle pressure relief valve model 215V-HO1AQE0006

Differential Pressure Switch – Dwyer Dwyer 616C-7

AWS Tank – 80 gallon vessel with manual drain with site glass and 3 position level switch array BRASS/ACET model PLC-SDAD-SFT175

Transfer Pump – Myers model CT10FAB 54 gal/min. 1HP 230V 3ph 3.2FLA

Manifold – 4” to 8-2” outlets with vacuum gauges and gate valves

8-Rate Master RMC122 flow rate meters 0-20scfm

Air Sparge 8 point

Sparge Pump – Rietschle DTA-100 68.3scfm and 21.8 psi 10HP 230V3ph 28FLA

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial model ACA-3182-3 EXP .25HP

Manifold – 8 outlets 1” with pressure gauges and gate valves

Flow Rate Meters – Ultra View model UV-D122 14-100scfm

Crouse Hinds XP lighting fixtures

E-stop in trailer

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