(SVE/SPARGE-53) TRAILER, SVE/AIRSPARGE (#AES-16FA) / SVE Max 14″HG with Max 450 CFM, AS Max 36.9 PSI, Max 166 CFM *** $34,500.00 ***



Trailer : Dual Axle,  24’x8’x9′

Explosion Proof Overhead Lighting

Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan

Piping in Galvanized Steel and Schedule 80 PVC

Lourvered Vents 24″ x 24″

Control Panel

Air Sparge:

Elmo Rietschle C-DLR 100 Claw Compressor
Elmo Rietschle C-DLR 250 Claw Compressor
Brand Rietschle
Max Pressure – 31.9 psi
Max Air Flow – 166 CFM
15 Way Manifold with Dwyer Flow Meters, Ball Valves and Pressure Gauges
Copper and Galvanized Steel Piping
Solberg Filtration
Heat Exchanger

Soil Vapor Extraction: 

Gardner Denver 20 HP Rotary Lobe SVE Blower – 20 HP

Max 14″HG with Max 450 CFM

110 Gallon Knockout with Solberg Inlet Filtration, Level Switches, 9 Way SVE Manifold with Valves, Vacuum Gauges, Magnehelic Gauges and Sampling Ports

Gould 50 gpm – Transfer Pump, Dischage Bag Filter

Solberg Inlet Bleed with Valve

Control Panel


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