(SVE/SPARGE-48) TRAILER, SVE/AIRSPARGE – SVE Max 1413 CFM Vacuum max 16″hg, AS 31.9 psi. Max Air Flow, 71 CFM (#AES-33F) *** $ 32,500.00 ***

Trailer 33F Bisco unit

Trailer – Cargo Express 22 X 8 X 8 tandem 5,000lb axles 6 lug 2 5/16” ball

Disconnect –SqD 230V 200A fused

Control Panel –  front mount with dead front controls

Control – Tbox PLC

Control Transformer – HPS Titan 5KVA front mounted


SVE Blower –  Roots model 711 U-RA1 blower 50HP 230V 3ph 130FLA belt driven

Flow: Max 1413 CFM Vacuum max 16″hg

Soleberg inlet filter

Silencer – Universal 72 X 24- 6” exhaust

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial model ACA6421-3-R 5HP 230V 15FLA

0-100 flow magnehelics,  temperature gauge and Barksdale model ML1H-H203 temperature switch on 4” Exhaust and inlet

6” manifold to 8-2” inlets with gate valves and vacuum gauges

Air/Water separator Tank – Steel 200 gallon with site glass and level switch array

Transfer Pump – Gould 17T1E7D4 1HP 230V 3ph 1” out

KoBold totalizer model DRB1.20.8 65gpm max.


Sparge Pump – Rietschle-Thomas model DLR-100 7.5HP 230V 16FLA 2” to heatexchanger with Barksdale modelML1H-H203 temperature switch, pressure and temp gauge

Pressure 31.9 psi. Max Air Flow, 71 CFM

Heat Exchanger – American Industrial model 3242-3-R >33HP 1.8FLA

Manifolds – 2-2” one 4 pos. and 1-3 pos. with 2” solenoid on each manifold

Flow Rate Meters – Dwyer 0-25scfm with gate valves and pressure gauges

XP Fan – Dayton ½ hp 230V 1PH

XP lighting

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