Harvard Filtration System – Model 871 – Oil / Fuel Portable Filtration System

Harvard Filtration System – Model 871 – Oil Portable Filtration System

120 Volt

Operating Pressure 60 PSI

Single Canister


Mounted on cart for portable operation

Hydraulic Filter Carts and Oil Filter CartsHydraulic Filter Carts and Oil Filter Carts
Let it be known: Our hydraulic filter carts are among the most reliable portable filtration systems around — just watch the video to the right. Designed for easy mobility between jobs, our carts simultaneously provide trusted, industry-leading oil filtration across numerous applications. Compatible with most synthetic and petroleum-based fluids, they can remove water and contaminants (including unwanted particles picked up during the delivery and/or transfer process) to a single micron, increasing fluid life, decreasing hazardous waste disposal and, ultimately, increasing equipment life – making your job a whole lot easier.Portable Handheld Mini Filter Cart
Our Handheld Mini hydraulic filter cart is an easy-to-handle portable filtration system that provides reliable oil purification on jobs requiring transportation up (and down) stairs and ladders. Simple and easy to operate, it will go places larger oil filtration systems can’t, making it perfect for gearboxes and other hard to reach locations.Hydraulic Filter Cart Applications
Our carts provide reliable oil filtration across many different industrial applications, including:

  • Most hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs in manufacturing
  • Machine shops
  • Injection molding
  • Oil EDM machines, and many more…

Filter Cart Configurations

  • Single-housing


  • Bag filter


  • 1-60 GPM

*Filter Flow Rates dependent on Viscosity and Temperature

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